Does Your Business Really Need Social Media?


JUNE, 2018

There are more than a billion people interacting on social media platforms. Yep. More than one billion.

On Facebook alone. And then there’s Twitter. And LinkedIn. And Instagram. And. Well. You know what I’m getting at.

So I’m guessing the answer to the question in the title to this blog is a resounding HELL YEAH.

Yes. Your business needs to be on social media.

I reiterate.

Your. Business. Needs. Social. Media.

The dynamics of marketing a brand have evolved colossally with the advent of social media.

No longer is it excusable to be socially inactive. Or socially unaware.


Because marketing today is all things online, interactive, targeted and engaged. Those customers that used to walk in through the door, yeah, they’re not doing that much walking anymore.

They’re too busy being busy on social media channels.

They’re sitting on their sofas, being pursued by brands that are digitally enticing them, engaging with them, and ultimately turning them into loyal followers and, dare I say it, actual buyers.

You see. As it was stated by the two very cool and incredibly knowledgeable presenters at the Circle Cyprus social media event I attended yesterday, the purchasing cycle has changed.

And what’s changed it? Or should I say revolutionised it?

Social Media.

The sales guy who was the first point of contact in a transaction. Yeah, he’s now the last.

Consumers have been empowered by the internet and the wealth of information that it provides. They scour social media platforms, social media forums, social media communities, in the pursuit of buying a product or services.

And only once they have gathered the details they need and the peer reviews they respect, only then will they walk through your door.

Or will they?

Chances are, yes, they will.

Provided that your business is not only on social media, but is actually engaging with its audience through content that is of rock star quality and that actually sparks conversation.

So, what do you need to do?

  • Pick the social media channels that will best target the audience to whom you want to promote your brand.
  • Ensure your message is relevant to that audience as not every audience is the same.
  • Create the right mix of content that can conform to the parameters of the social media channels that you will utilise.
  • LISTEN to the buzz that is being generated on social media platforms. Every. Single. Day.
  • Find out what is being said about your brand. Identify whothe online influencers in your market are.
  • Then ACT.
  • Get involved in discussions. Establish relationships with your audience by getting to know them. Strike up conversation. Humanise your brand. People identify with people.
  • And. BE CONSISTENT. If you aren’t prepared to interact regularly, consistently, well, then what’s the point really?

Your brand, your business, they have the power to convert consumer behaviour through the optimal use of social media.

So use the channels that are available to you! And be wildly creative! Epically innovative! And most importantly, authentically human.